Demi-season boots for women

Women's wardrobe is so diverse and original that it is simply unrealistic to find two identical things in it, even if there are a lot of clothes and accessories. But if you dig deeper, then two identical wardrobe items are not so bad, unless of course we are talking about a stunning new pair of boots.

How to choose the right women's boots?

There is no definite answer to this question, because it all depends on your personal preferences. However, the online store "Next Shoes" has prepared several recommendations for you regarding the correct choice of insulated women's boots.

So, before buying shoes, consider the following nuances:

  • Seasonality. You should not buy women's boots in Kharkov from a light mega for the period of winter frosts or, conversely, from a dense insulation for the autumn season. In the first case, this is fraught with freezing of the feet, and in the second - profuse sweating. It is best to choose shoes for the season. For winter, warm fur insulation is ideal, and for autumn and spring there is nothing better than models without insulation or demi-season options.
  • Material. Leather, suede, textiles, leatherette are the most popular materials from which unique expensive or massively cheap women's shoes are sewn. It is important to understand that you should not expect long-term wear and permanent attractive design from low-quality leatherette or varnish. Genuine leather or suede is another matter. In this case, the boots will "live" more than one season and will reliably protect your feet from freezing or getting wet.
  • Decor. If you want to buy women's boots for the winter or cold periods of the year, then it is better to give up any decorative elements altogether. Firstly, it will not look very appropriate, and secondly, you will be uncomfortable when the buckle dangles or hits the lock and makes an unpleasant sound. Also, ill-conceived decorations on shoes can visually reduce the cost of it and make it less attractive to you and others. Better to leave flowers, bows, buckles, ribbons and other accessories on clothes and shoes for a sunny summer when we all want to stand out.
  • Heel. It is worth paying special attention to this point, since both your comfort and your safety depend on the height and width of the heel. In winter, it is categorically not recommended to purchase women's shoes with high and thin stilettos, because ice and slippery roads have not been canceled yet and you can fall, injure your leg. But low speed is not very practical either, because snowy weather does not please us all winter season. Slush and mud are the main enemies of the shoe on low travel. The best, most convenient and safe option for absolutely any season is shoes with wide heels, 3-5 centimeters high.
  • Colour. This factor also largely depends on the season. So, winter does not like flashy and variegated shades, but in summer, on the contrary, it is very cool to experiment with colors. In a sunny season, it is not necessary to purchase plain and nondescript sandals, but for autumn, spring or winter it is better to choose to buy women's boots in Kharkov from pastel shades. Brown, black, burgundy, gray, dark blue - these colors will look very advantageous with any outfit and outerwear.

Beauty or convenience - which is more important?

Buy high-quality and comfortable women's shoes that will faithfully serve you for more than one season and will protect your feet from the negative effects of the external environment. Of course, beauty and original design are important, but practicality should not be neglected when choosing shoes. After all, this wardrobe item should be as convenient as possible for us, not cause tired legs and not bring discomfort even with long walking.