Aspena (Poland)

Women's red boots at low speed with lacing (Poland) model 5129
Model: 5129
2 350.00грн.
Women's gray boots on a low wedge heel with a snake and lacing  (Poland) model 4552
Model: 4552
2 550.00грн.1 950.00грн.
Chunks shoes with medium heels female black (Poland) model 4541
Model: 4541
2 190.00грн.
Sneakers women's green (Poland) model 4530
Model: 4530
1 980.00грн.
Aspena (Poland)

Aspena (Poland) is a Polish shoe company that was founded in 1993.

Initially, the company was called SAN Dystrybucja Obuwia Janusz Wota and existed as a small family shoe store. We have started wholesale since 1995 in Poland. Over time, the company grew through increased sales and employment.

In 2017, a new activity was created - ASPENA s.c., which serves customers in Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Ukraine and Hungary.

We work with enthusiasm, we care about customer contact, and we are constantly developing and improving our own company in order to best meet the needs of our customers.

ASPENA, a footwear brand, was founded together with a new company that characterizes it with modern design, sensuality, originality and prestige. The ASPENA collections complement each other with the modern, active lifestyle of a woman.

Aspena (Poland) is a Polish shoe company