Men's boots

In the autumn or winter period, you have to warm up and update your light wardrobe with a warmer one. The same applies to shoes, because ordinary shoes will no longer protect you from rain or frost, and therefore you need to stock up on a couple of new boots. Men's boots have a more restrained design and versatile range than women's, and therefore choosing the right pair of shoes for a man is a matter of a few minutes.

If you think that convenience should prevail over economy, then you definitely can't go wrong with the choice if you buy men's boots made of real leather or suede.

The most fashionable men's boots in Kharkov and other cities of Ukraine are:

  • Regular Oxfords;
  • Pointed toe oxfords;
  • Loafers;
  • Classic boots.

Oxfords - brutality and restraint in everything

One of the universal models of the men's line of boots, which is designed both for everyday wear and for going out. Oxfords have begun to gain popularity in recent years, since these shoes, unlike many thousands of stereotyped other options, include a minimum of decorative elements and are produced exclusively in restrained shades. So, brown, gray or black color of such shoes will ideally fit into an office business style, and white, beige or burgundy will delightfully complement a festive look at an official evening or gala event. If we talk about the appearance of Oxfords, then everything is very laconic here: a low platform, a round toe, a small heel and always natural leather or suede.

Pointed toe boots are cropped and very elegant boots that are part of the classic oxford range. However, they look even more chic and elegant. Decorated details (stripes or geometric shapes) are most often attached to the top of the shoe. This makes pointed oxfords suitable for any semi-formal, festive or casual evening event. And if you supplement them with a business suit to match or a few tones lighter, then you will look amazing and definitely will not be left without enthusiastic female looks.

Loafers - laconic and durable for all occasions

Buying men's shoes loafers means to emphasize your high status, good taste and unique style. This shoe has no lacing or fastening at all. Simple and very discreet design, solid color, natural shiny leather and a wide but very thin sole. In appearance, the loafers are somewhat reminiscent of ordinary moccasins, but unlike the latter, they look very luxurious and elegant. These boots are considered one of the most versatile, practical and durable. The most important thing is to purchase high-quality models from natural leather or suede materials, because that's when you can proudly carry shoes for more than one season.

Timeless classics - luxury and simplicity at the same time

Classic boots are more elevated boots that taper smoothly at the ankle and have a stunningly smooth leather finish. You can buy men's boots in Kharkov for business looks or casual style in a store. As soon as you put on these boots, from the first seconds you will feel only pleasant sensations of comfort, warmth and softness. And after a few hundred steps, your feet will not ask for mercy. The classics will never go out of fashion and will always be considered the most versatile and comfortable. We recommend wearing classic boots with tailored trousers, a plain shirt and a stylish jacket.

You can buy men's boots of any design, because the main thing is not what is outside, but what is inside. And if you look inside, it is best to see eco-friendly leather and natural fur there.