Winter boots for women

What do you know about quality women's boots? It would seem, what could be easier than buying women's boots in Kharkov? And the task is far from easy. After all, winter is sometimes so merciless that you have to sacrifice beauty and comfort for the sake of warmth. If you choose to focus on beauty, you run the risk of freezing. What to do now? After all, you want to look gorgeous and be warm.

The Next shoes online store offers you the best solution - quality shoes from trusted manufacturers. You will find in our catalog a huge selection of brands from domestic to Polish. The store's consultants will help you choose functional and aesthetically pleasing winter shoes. In this article we will tell you a few secrets of how not to make the wrong choice and what to look for. Also, at the end, let's say a few words about what our store offers.

Comfortable and warm shoes are not a myth

First of all, women's winter boots should keep your feet dry and warm. The first step is to pay attention to the insulation used by the manufacturer. In our reality, it is advisable to buy women's boots with insulation, which will be distinguished by good resistance to frost. In general, winter boots and boots have only a few options for insulation:

  • Printed natural fur. This is not a one-piece insulation. It is quite easy to determine it - push apart the villi and the stitches of the threads will be visible. This type of insulation has one advantage over natural fur - when wet, the material dries quickly. Experts advise wearing shoes with such insulation at higher temperatures.
  • Natural fur. It is considered the best insulation. It has a padding that forms an air layer. It is she who does not allow the feet to freeze and keeps warm for a long time. In addition, heat exchange is not disturbed, the legs do not sweat. Shoes with such insulation can easily cope with frosts up to 25 degrees.
  • Faux fur. The least successful solution. Immediately 2 important disadvantages - poorly retains heat and air exchange is disrupted. As a result, not only does it not keep warm, the feet are still sweating and freezing even more. The material has a bright, unnatural shine. The presence of a squeak is noted if touched. May feel like a plush toy to the touch.
  • Eurozima. A distinctive feature is a thick insulation on the sole and at the base of the boots and a short woolen or fur base in the bootleg. This is a great option for milder and "warmer" winters, when the temperature does not drop below 4-5 degrees.
  • Other artificial insulation. Modern manufacturers use various artificial materials as insulation for shoes. Such materials are created using modern technologies. This type is most often used by manufacturers of sports or tourist winter shoes. A distinctive feature is fast drying. Shoes with this type of insulation are warm enough and quite suitable for wearing.

Insulation is one of the most important characteristics of a shoe. But it is worth remembering that it is not the only one. There are tons of other parameters to consider. You can read about this in our other sections or ask our consultants.

What do we offer

Our online store contains reliable Polish footwear manufacturers who guarantee quality. We chose exactly Polish production, because it has long been respected and loved by customers around the world. This is a variant of the optimal combination of quality and cost. Our store delivers goods throughout Ukraine. If you buy women's shoes in Kharkov, and live in Chernigov, we will make sure that the goods reach you.