Sneakers, moccasins for women

Sneakers for women, sneakers, moccasins are modern practical shoes that help us out every day. Moreover, she ceased to be part of an exclusively sports direction. Smoothly and for a long time it has flowed into both casual style and romantic images.

Today, everyday outfits are not complete without a pair of trainers, sneakers and moccasins. What is the best shoe for you? All these types have their own characteristics and advantages. But all of them are united by the fact that they can collect the image into a single whole and emphasize the dignity of the figure.

Sneakers - not just for athletes

If earlier sneakers were worn during sports, over time they have firmly entered everyday life. This was due to a lower price than leather goods. Today you can buy women's sneakers based on completely different considerations. It is comfortable, stylish and fashionable.

Types of sneakers:

  • cross-country;
  • basketball;
  • football;
  • tennis;
  • everyday;
  • for fitness;
  • for tourism.

Women's sneakers for daily use are in the greatest demand. In autumn and spring, they are complemented by jackets, leather jackets, coats, trousers and jeans. For summer, we are offered lighter models that allow the feet to be comfortable even at high temperatures.

Massive sneaker models do not lose their relevance. Complete your outfit with a pair of shopping bags, crossbody bags or backpacks.

The sneaker's colors range from pastel to a variety of color combinations. For example, women's white sneakers are suitable for any clothing: from dresses to trousers and shorts. Vibrant models can be great accents of an image and refresh the look.

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Sneakers - universal shoes for winter and summer

Women's sneakers are not inferior in popularity to sneakers. These laconic shoes are so comfortable and practical that almost all women have in their wardrobe. And the history of this model goes back to the beginning of the nineteenth century. At that time, it was a shoe for men and it was intended for walking on a sandy beach.

Women's shoes. Features and Benefits:

versatility - suitable for any outfit;

practicality - women's leather sneakers are well worn and do not lose their original qualities for a long time;

convenience - they are comfortable and easy to wear, legs do not get tired and do not rub;

variability of colors - women's sneakers are produced not only in classic black and white colors, but also with different prints and in a variety of color combinations.

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Women's sneakers have not been limited to a combination with jeans and sweatpants for a long time. Although with any trousers, shirts and T-shirts, they will build a win-win ensemble. In autumn and spring, such outfits are complemented by sweaters, leather jackets and even coats.

Dresses and skirts, flared or straight cut, long or above the knee, shorts: sneakers are worn with these clothes in summer no less often than with sandals. Such combinations give the image a sporty chic and make it dynamic and slightly free.

The color of the sneaker sets the direction for the character of the clothes. Black looks stylish with jeans and skinny pants. White ones are more suitable for girlish outfits with dresses and skirts. They will create a playful, effortless look.

So beloved all over the world sneakers, you can buy in the winter version. Now you can not part with this wardrobe element all year round.

In different looks, the legs will look advantageous, since women's sneakers emphasize elegance and do not weigh down the gait and the whole image as a whole.


Women's moccasins are another option for light and comfortable everyday shoes. They are similar to regular shoes, only softer and without a heel. A semicircular seam is stitched along the top of the moccasins, it is not rare that a lace is threaded.

Women's moccasins with laces

Laces, as decorative elements, add a sporty focus and ease to the image. This is the most common decoration for this type of footwear. Some designers decorate women's moccasins with beads, fringe, perforation, embroidery, rivets and edging.

These shoes were invented by the Indians for hunting. In the original version, it was made with a soft sole for a quiet gait. In the modern world, we can see women's leather moccasins both on the catwalks and in everyday life. They are made from leather, suede and nubuck.

All moccasin models, whether they are in a modern reading or closer to the culture of the Indians, create a feeling of ease of life and simple solutions to complex problems. Putting on such a pair of shoes and, accordingly, making it easier for yourself kilometers of movement, everything is perceived easier and easier. After all, shoes can create both a good and a very good mood. The main thing is to find a decent quality. Polish manufacturers offer you just such shoes.

For everyday urban style, women's moccasins are ideal th option. They look noble, stylish and the whole image can be easily assembled with taste. They are surprisingly suitable for various outfits, collecting the picture into a single whole.

Women's moccasins have no age restrictions: everyone loves to wear them. They are suitable for any type of figure. Usually moccasins are worn from the end of spring to the beginning of the first autumn cold weather. With warm outerwear, these shoes are no longer appropriate.

Women's moccasins are so weightless that they create the feeling of a flying gait. The soft, light step creates an aura of incredible femininity, despite the absence of heels and wedges. If you do not have a pair of such shoes yet, buy it in our NEXT SHOES store, and you will see for yourself.

Sneakers, sneakers, moccasins for women: what will you choose today? Create personalized looks inspired by the many different models on our website. All models are in stock. Details - by phone.