Men's footwear


Men's wardrobe differs from women's wardrobe in clearer lines, restrained design and dark tones of both clothes and shoes. Also, men differ from the fair half of the population and the very process of choosing a new element of the image. If the choice of a new dress or shoes for a lady is a whole story, then gentlemen have only one main selection criterion - convenience.

Where to buy men's shoes?

Nowadays, there are a lot of points of sale and stores, the assortment of which is striking in its diversity in terms of price, quality, design and material. But if for you it is not low cost that is more important, but high quality, then you will definitely like durable and unique men's shoes from Poland.

After we have decided on the choice of the manufacturer, a completely logical question arises: “where to buy men's shoes in Kharkov”. If you want to purchase stylish and luxurious shoes that will faithfully serve for more than one year, then study the offers from our store.

Polish shoes for men in our catalog are:

  • Shoes;
  • Boots and boots;
  • Sneakers, sneakers;
  • Moccasins, topsiders;
  • Sandals;
  • Flip flops and swimming shoes.


Shoes - versatile footwear for all occasions you can choose from timeless classics or modern design solutions with lacing. Shoes have always been considered the most comfortable and appropriate option for any occasion. However, with the advent of sports models, the classics are increasingly fading into the background. And in vain, because tight shoes with elongated socks have long been replaced by more comfortable sneakers with an inflated soft sole and tightly fixed lacing.

Boots and boots

With the onset of cold weather, rains and winds, you have to change comfortable lightweight shoes for more warmed, wear-resistant options. Boots and boots are the best option for any weather. Their discreet design and versatile style can complement any look, both for every day and for special occasions. Such Polish men's shoes as boots or boots will protect feet from getting wet or freezing in rainy or frosty weather for more than one season.


Morning or evening jogging, as well as long walks cannot be imagined without sports shoes, which are more resistant to external factors, and also have good shock-absorbing properties, allowing the skin to "breathe" and not feel discomfort under any circumstances. Sports sneakers or trainers from Poland are made of natural lightweight materials that do not allow feet to warm up or sweat, even in the warm season.

Topsiders and makasin

Boat shoes or moccasins are a very comfortable set that will be appropriate in almost any circumstance. "Breathable" leather insole and comfortable zipper - it is thanks to these features that such men's shoes become an even more practical and durable wardrobe item, which does not need to be looked after as much as leather shoes, but which looks no less elegant.


For the hot summer period, it is important to purchase such shoes in which the feet would not sweat and fatigue would not occur during long walking. The best option for the time of the scorching sun has always been and is the usual men's sandals. If you want to feel as comfortable as possible even in summer, then we recommend purchasing summer shoes only from natural and "breathable" materials.

Flip flops and flip flops

For such special occasions as going to the sauna, bathhouse, swimming pool, trip to the beach, you need to stock up on a special set of "slippers" that are resistant to moisture and temperature changes. Flip flops or flip flops are just what you need.

Today, the choice of original and high-quality Polish shoes is truly great, and therefore you will definitely find exactly what you have wanted for a long time. From classics to unexpected sports, from summer moccasins to warm winter boots, choose your favorite.