Men's shoes and moccasins

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Men's shoes emphasize the status of a man. Along with watches and other accessories, they can tell a lot about the wearer. Therefore, men very carefully monitor the appearance and condition of their business shoes. It is very important to choose models that match the character and direction of the style.

The best men's shoes are offered by the NEXT SHOES store. Here you will find models for every taste and wallet. Men's shoes shoes are presented in a wide range and affordable price category.

Men's shoes and moccasins are usually referred to as demi-season and summer shoes, although there are exceptions. Certain types of shoes are considered exclusively official, while others are more versatile. Let's take a look at the main types of men's shoes to determine which are the best men's shoes to buy.

The most popular types of men's shoes:

• oxfords;

• brogues;

• derby;

• loafers;

• moccasins.

It is important to buy classic men's shoes based on the direction of the wardrobe style. For each case - its own option.

Oxfords are classic traditional shoes for men with closed lacing. The front part is sewn over the side parts of the shoes. This type of men's footwear has its origins in Scotland in the 18th century. The most classic version of this model is made of black patent leather. Such oxfords are worn with tuxedos and tailcoats. You can also find these shoes in brown and burgundy colors. Oxfords are perfect for business formal suits.

Brogues are a kind of oxfords. These are men's shoes with perforation. Once upon a time, small holes in these shoes served as ventilation for quick drying from moisture among Scottish and Irish herders. In the 20th century, brogues became popular thanks to Prince Edward of Wales.

The Derby is a classic but looser cut for men with open laces. Men's derby shoes are suitable for both business meetings and casual style. In the first case, give preference to black or brown models made of genuine leather. For relaxed urban looks, we offer suede men's shoes to buy.

Loafers - men's shoes with a heel without lacing. Initially, in the 19th century, they were created by a British company for King George VI, as home shoes. Loafers are great for summer weather. These men's summer shoes are less formal than all of the above. In addition to business suits, these shoes are worn by men with jeans, and some models with shorts.

All men's shoes made of genuine leather give the style a unique charm and train of elegance. It looks stylish and is also comfortable and comfortable on the feet.

Buying genuine leather shoes for men is not such an easy task. The huge offer on the footwear market sometimes makes it difficult to choose. It is necessary not only to choose the right model, ideally suited to the needs of the destination, but also to choose a worthy manufacturer who makes shoes according to the highest quality standards.

We can say with confidence that Polish footwear manufacturers Lesta and Tapi sew the highest quality footwear. Lest's Polish men's shoes and Tapi's Polish men's shoes are in great demand among the representatives of the strong half of humanity.

New men's shoes will definitely cheer you up and add confidence to your look. Wherever you have to go, classic men's shoes will always emphasize your status and impeccable taste.

Moccasins - versatile casual shoes

Men's moccasins - soft shoes with a stitched outer seam on the top. Moccasins are just as comfortable as sports shoes. This explains their wide distribution and popularity. In addition, they look stylish and modern, adding elegance and, to some extent, relaxation to the image.

The first moccasins were worn by the Indians. In their original form, they were catchy bright colors with an embroidered top. Over time, these shoes have become more discreet, but no less beloved and common.

Men's moccasins look very much like loafers in appearance. The difference is the lack of a heel. If certain models of loafers can be considered official and worn under a suit, then moccasins exclude this possibility.

The formality of moccasins is minimal. These are informal casual shoes. Men's moccasins are very lightweight and have a flexible sole. Therefore, they are perfect for a comfortable and practical casual style.

Men's moccasins online store https://shoes-poland.com.ua offers you in a wide variety of models and variations. Choose these lightweight, practical shoes to match your wardrobe and you will surely be recognized as a connoisseur of fashion and contemporary style.

Types of moccasins:

• men's leather moccasins;

• suede moccasins;

• textile moccasins;

• perforated moccasins.

Men's leather moccasins are the most common version of this type of footwear. Suitable for summer pants and shirts.

Men's suede moccasins - allow the presence of a variety of decorative elements. They look expensive and elegant.

Men's textile moccasins - perfect for denim trousers, breeches or shorts.

Moccasins for men perforated e is a great summer option, allowing your feet to breathe even in hot weather.

In general, all moccasin models look good with T-shirts, shirts, jeans, summer trousers, shorts of different styles and linen clothes. And you can often find these shoes in stores in blue and brown colors.

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