Women's shoes


The ideal female image is not only stylish and beautiful clothes, appropriate makeup, elegant curls and harmonious accessories, but also the right shoes. Wouldn't a thick sole ruin a romantic and delicate floor-length dress? Will red pumps look appropriate under a tracksuit? And what can we say about a business attire, under which beach slippers certainly will not fit. Of course, there are a lot of offers on the market for women's goods and the range of choice of shoes for the beautiful half of the population is truly great. However, it is not as easy as it might seem at first glance to decide on the model of new spring shoes, summer sandals or winter boots, but first things first.

Women's shoes - an important wardrobe item or a simple detail?

Each woman or girl will answer this question in her own way, since for some it is really an integral part of the image, while for others it is just a necessity. But no matter how you feel about this wardrobe item, the value of walking comfort has not yet been canceled. In order to protect yourself from various diseases of the joints at a later age, we recommend, from the very youth, to stop your choice only on high-quality models made of genuine leather or suede.

Which shoes should you choose?

This question, perhaps, is asked by all young, young and mature ladies. After all, there are plenty of alternatives: from light open sandals to insulated and thick boots. Leather or suede, classic or sporty, with or without heels - choose any of the options you like. You can choose and buy women's shoes in Kharkov in our store for a reasonable price. Believe me, the comfort that you get in the process of wearing high-quality shoes made of real materials will definitely be worth the money spent and will meet all your expectations.

In our catalog you are offered the following fashionable Polish women's shoes:


In the summer, it is especially important that the skin of the legs "breathes" and allows enough air to pass through. You can choose from a comfortable option on a low sole, or a more elegant and luxurious one on a high wedge. Bright colors are in fashion in summer, and therefore give preference to colorful and juicy red, yellow, blue, light green and others. Also, do not forget about sparkles and stones in the decor of sandals, which will bring more festivity and elegance to the look. Summer women's shoes from Poland are already waiting for their lucky owner on the pages of our portal.

Ballet shoes

With the arrival of early spring or autumn, you want something light, airy and romantic. Such an element of a shoe wardrobe as ballet flats will emphasize the tenderness and elegance of any image. Wear classic ballet flats underneath skinny office trousers or a skirt, or choose more elegant shoes for long and luxurious evening dresses. Also for young fashionistas, lace-up ballet flats are ideal, which will add more originality and extravagance to the usual everyday style.


Pointed or round toe, high or low heel, dark or bright color - all this or not only you can choose to your taste when choosing elegant and beautiful shoes. High-quality Polish women's shoes made of genuine leather will protect your feet from hypothermia or getting wet, because now no winds and rains are scary. Shoes are the most fashionable shoes in Kharkov and other cities of Ukraine, which are worn at almost any age.

Ankle boots

Refined and stylish demi-season boots with a small heel are just a godsend for a real fashionista. Leather shoes always look luxurious and elegant, and if they are already elegant ankle boots for women, then an impeccable image is provided for everyone. You can choose shoes with thin heels and thereby emphasize your uniqueness, or prefer ankle boots with wide heels and at the same time harmoniously fit them into any casual or evening outfit. For those who are interested in fashionable and durable women's shoes Poland produces the best models, which are distinguished by the widest range of choices and a quality guarantee for many years.

Sneakers, moccasins

Sports style has long ceased to be intended solely for training or physical activity. Today, sneakers or sneakers can even be worn with a dress and it will look very stylish. If you want to buy women's sports shoes for yourself or for your loved ones, but do not know which brand to give preference to, then choose sneakers from the world Lesta brand. These durable shoes keep your feet warm for a long time and make your active leisure even brighter and more comfortable.

Polish women's shoes are the best solution in favor of the highest quality, long service life and stunning unique design. Be beautiful and choose the best accessories for your wardrobe.