Women's shoes and ballet flats

Choosing the next pair of shoes, few people think about the trail of history behind them. For example, the first women's shoes with thin heels were created in France in 1955. Every year, designers surprise us with shapes, colors, textures. And we are happy to watch the trends at fashion shows, introducing current trends in the course of our everyday life.

Shoes are worn during the warmer months, combining them with classic, romantic, casual and retro styles. So for lovers of shoes in their different variations, the road to diverse experiments is open.

Someone first of all pays attention to the appearance, and is ready to walk in heels from morning to evening. And for someone more important is comfort and convenience in the form of a pair of ballet flats, which, of course, does not exclude the advantages of their appearance. In any version, the shoes will emphasize femininity, elegance and grace.

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In shops we can find a wide variety of shoes. With or without heels, leather and textile, casual and evening wear. One pair is difficult to do. As a rule, each style and even image requires certain models.

For example, pumps with low and medium heels are classified as business and evening wear. Wedge shoes create a more relaxed look and are suitable for an evening out for a relaxing break. Shoes with straps or open toes are suitable for summer loose dresses and skirts.

Types of shoes:

  • shoes with heels;
  • platform shoes;
  • shoes with straps;
  • Wedge shoes;
  • shoes wthout heels.

Pumps are elegance itself in all its manifestations. The classic version is black or white pumps. They are included in the basic wardrobe of a woman. In addition to the classic closed models, women's shoes are presented in versions with an open heel or toe. There are also shoes with side cutouts.

Pumps come from the 15th century. As is often the case with fashion, they were originally worn by men, in particular by servants. They were shoes without heels. Meanwhile, the shoes have long won women's hearts. More feminine shoes are hard to imagine.

Wedge shoes are comfortable and stable. With them, you can begin acquaintance with shoes on the rise, since such women's shoes are comfortable to wear and this does not require special skill. They will fit well with loose trousers or dresses.

Platform shoes are suitable for courageous young ladies. These women's shoes look somewhat extravagant and, of course, attract attention. To make the image not too frank, you can balance the platform with a midi skirt or trousers.

Shoes with straps look light and elegant. The straps fix the feet and have a decorative function. In summer looks, they go well with dresses and skirts.

The category of shoes also includes ballet flats, moccasins, loafers, espadrilles, slippers. These are shoes for everyday wear without heels. It belongs to the most comfortable and convenient urban style area.

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Not only ballerinas

If earlier the word “ballet shoes” was associated with ballerinas and ballet, today women's ballet flats are the usual shoes of a modern girl. And they got this name because of the resemblance to ballet shoes.

Initially, ballet was a court dance, and shoes played the role of dance shoes. Later, it turned into a real art with the pointe shoes we know.

Ballet shoes for women in the form we are accustomed to were created by Salvatore Capezio at the end of the 19th century. But they gained real popularity after the release of paintings with Brigitte Bardot "And God Created Woman" and Audrey Hepburn in "Funny Face".

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Women's ballet flats are shoes in a minimalistic style that allow you to create both neat, restrained images and balance complex combinations. Ballerinas with a semicircular toe look laconic and can complement shorts, skirts and dresses. Ballerinas with a tapered toe approach in style to classic shoes and can be worn under cropped trousers and suits.

On sale there are women's leather ballet flats with an internal hidden rise. They reduce stress on the foot and have a beneficial effect on health. Such models will be comfortable for those who o does not imagine himself in flat shoes.

Women's ballet flats are made of leather, suede and textiles. Decorate with bows, buckles, rhinestones, perforation. The color scheme allows you to choose shoes for almost any outfit, creating a monochrome or accent look. Women's leather ballerinas are considered to be the most durable and practical.

Do not neglect special shoe care products. Water-repellent sprays help protect shoes from moisture and dirt while maintaining a presentable appearance. Especially shoes made from materials such as suede, velor, nubuck and textiles need extra care.

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