Boots for women

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On the eve of the new season, you are faced with the question of where to buy fashionable women's shoes in Kharkov? Then we recommend starting your search exactly from our NEXT SHOES store.

Modern trends in the world of fashion give women a great opportunity to start composing their wardrobe with shoes.

You can refresh your usual look by matching shoes from the latest collections. Perhaps buying shoes will push you towards a radical change in your image. Let's try!

It's no secret that shoes are an integral part of every woman's wardrobe.

In the NEXT SHOES store you can buy your own pair of comfortable and high-quality boots, and choosing, trying on and buying will become a pleasant experience for you.


NEXT SHOES has made up TOP 3 models:


Their indisputable advantage is that due to the laces you can adjust the fullness of the shoe. These can be high boots or short models. Oxfords, grinders, sneakers, martins and others. But no matter how they are called, laces unite all models and allow them to be ranked first in terms of comfort.

Women's lace-up boots often have a zipper, so you don't have to untie and tie your laces and experience any inconvenience. You only need to adjust the shoe to the shape of the foot once.

You can also experiment with laces: new fashionable ways of lacing, bright laces or satin ribbons ... All this can become a highlight in your image.

Lacing is widely used by designers both in classic models with high heels and in brutal versions.


A distinctive feature of Chelsea-style boots is the presence of wide elastic bands on the sides. These shoes have no other fasteners. Women's Chelsea boots are suitable for any look and are characterized by increased comfort and convenience. Fashion has made adjustments to the history of the development and transformation of this model. And if initially this model assumed a flat sole and a small, even small, wide heel, now models with the usual high heels have become widespread.


Such shoes are characterized by the absence of heels and the obligatory presence of perforations. The shape of the brogues is close to classic boots. You can even say that this is an office version of sneakers.

Brogues look great with both a business suit and jeans, with a short dress or a floor-length skirt.

They are simply irreplaceable in cold and rainy summers.


This season, you can safely choose shoes of all colors presented in the window. We advise you to pay special attention to gold, silver or white shoes.

If you are used to the classic colors of boots: black, brown, beige, white, then pay attention to the cherry or dark green shades.

Inserts differing both in color and texture are in fashion.

Colored shoes will become a bright accent even in the most monotonous bow.


Shoes with which toe to choose? It all depends solely on your preference.

Sharp is a sophisticated classic that has firmly entered our life.

Square is a hit of this season, an opportunity to plunge into fashion from the 60s and 90s.

And of course, a comfortable round toe was, is and will remain in fashion in any season and anywhere on our planet.


When choosing the heel height, we recommend that you be guided solely by your feelings while wearing shoes. Many designers are leaning towards women's boots with low heels or generally with a solid sole. But if you are a fan of high heels, NEXT SHOES will provide you with a choice of comfortable women's boots and high heels.


NEXT SHOES recommends comfortable and warm, yet lightweight women's boots. There is an opinion that the best winter shoes are made of genuine leather. Really well-made leather is a guarantee of warmth, however, modern artificial materials not only replace, but are much superior to natural leather. The choice of shoes made of artificial materials must be approached consciously, since high-tech material cannot be cheap. The specialists of our store carefully study the composition and characteristics of the materials used in the manufacture of winter shoes offered by NEXT SHOES.

Convenience and comfort are an equally significant quality of winter shoes. You should feel stable both during snowfall and on icy and slippery surfaces. Therefore, special attention is paid to the soles of women's winter boots.

Winter is not a reason to give up chic. In our store you can buy winter shoes both for going out and for everyday use. There is a large selection of winter shoes in our online store.


Demi-season shoes mean wearing them in the autumn-winter and winter-spring periods. Such shoes should be waterproof and warm on the one hand, and light and compact enough on the other.

Main CreteThe series in the offer of NEXT SHOES women's demi-season boots defines quality.

A feature of demi-season shoes is the choice of material depending on the outside temperature.

We recommend purchasing several pairs of shoes during the off-season for colder and wetter periods.

You can choose and buy a suitable model of demi-season boots both in our store and in our online store.


Well, here we come to the most important point. Why Polish shoes, you ask? We follow the fashion trends for women's shoes, but the health of our beautiful women is a priority.

When choosing a shoe manufacturer, NEXT SHOES was guided primarily by the quality of the shoe.

Shoes should keep warm and dry, protect from rain and frost. Maintain its quality and shape for many seasons.

That is why our choice fell on Polish footwear manufacturers. Having our own natural raw materials, modern technologies, extensive experience in the production of footwear, all this gives you the opportunity to enjoy Polish footwear in Kharkov. The prices and quality will certainly delight you!