Kordel (Poland)

Women's black winter boots (Poland) model 5189
Model: 5189
3 850.00грн.
Women's black boots with rings demi-season (Poland) model 5164
Model: 5164
2 950.00грн.2 390.00грн.
Women's brown demi-season boots (Poland) model 4858
Model: 4858
3 990.00грн.3 590.00грн.
Women's beige boots with perforation demi-season (Poland) model 4692
Model: 4692
2 590.00грн.1 750.00грн.
Women's black boots Cossacks with low heels with a snake demi-season (Poland) model 4632
Model: 4632
3 690.00грн.2 390.00грн.
Women's black demi-season boots (Poland) model 4617
Model: 4617
4 290.00грн.2 890.00грн.
Women's red boots with medium heels, demi-season (Poland) model 4248
Model: 4248
2 950.00грн.2 150.00грн.
Women's gray demi-season boots (Poland) model 3423
Model: 3423
4 350.00грн.2 590.00грн.
Women's red winter boots (Poland) Genuine leather, art model 2093
Model: 2093
4 390.00грн.1 250.00грн.
Kordel (Poland)

Kordel (Poland) is a company that entered the shoe market in the early 90s. Initially, as a small shoe workshop, over time it has evolved into a specialized factory with extensive experience in designing and manufacturing shoes.

Our passion is to create fashionable and stylish shoes with a unique character. When creating it, our designers are guided by world trends, which are skillfully woven into their ideas, thanks to which they create unique designs, while maintaining the principles of comfort and convenience.

In order to provide our customers with high quality of our products and comfortable shoes, we use high quality genuine leather from domestic and foreign suppliers, we have the most modern machine park, but the most important thing in the production of shoes is passion and experience. of our employees, which ensures the high level of KORDEL shoes.

Footwear is completely produced in Poland, and the entire technological process is subject to sustainable development and reducing the negative impact on the environment.

Our company specializes in the production of elegant shoes for demanding women who appreciate comfort and non-standard appearance.

Our offer includes moccasins, colorful ankle boots, leather over the knee boots, sneakers, classic pumps, sandals and slippers.

Kordel (Poland) - elegant and stylish shoes for women who know what they want without compromise. Original Polish women's shoes, shining with style and grace, will make you always come back to our online store to buy more. We are their manufacturer, so the entire design and creation process is on our side. We always follow fashion and do not hesitate to transfer great concepts from the most important fashion catwalks directly to our online store. With this approach to the best, strictly selected trends, our clients can enjoy our exceptionally stylish women's shoes and recommend them to other exceptional women.

For brave women and those who know what they want

Polish women's shoes, which you can find in the Kordel online store, are divided into transparent categories. Among them are comfortable ballerinas and sneakers, pumps and shoes that are worn every day, plus a madness of sex appeal in the form of high heels, as well as comfortable sandals for the summer or beautiful wedding shoes. All models are made of genuine leather. This natural leather comes from both domestic and foreign manufacturers - always of the highest quality, whether plain or embossed. Polish footwear made of genuine leather Kordel is your confidence - confidence in comfort and convenience, style and elegance, and absolutely priceless - your own confidence. Choose original options that best emphasize your style.