How to choose shoes for a dress - advice from stylists

The dress has long earned the title of the most feminine piece of clothing. Nevertheless, the whole image will become harmonious only if the dress is successfully complemented by shoes. Shoes can either decorate a dress or spoil the look. In order for your image to always be complete, when choosing shoes for a dress, you need to follow a few rules.

How to choose shoes for a dress


First, shoes must be chosen according to the occasion. It is clear that ballet shoes and sneakers are not suitable for an evening reception. The style of the dress, its cut and style are of great importance.

For an outfit designed in a classic style, the best option for shoes is pumps, the heel of which is not more than five centimeters.

For summer dresses, both sandals and sandals, including platform ones, are suitable.

A sports dress should be complemented with shoes in the same style. And not necessarily sneakers, although this option is not excluded. Your legs will look much more elegant in ballet flats.

Of course, evening attire requires more elegant shoes. In this case, you can not do without high heels and elegant accessories. It is important to remember that the rich decor on the shoes should be compensated by its absence on the dress and vice versa.


Secondly, the colors of the dress and shoes must be combined, which means that the ensemble must be either of the same tone, or its components must differ in saturation.

For example, a blue dress will look harmonious with blue shoes. First you need to decide on a dress, and then buy shoes. In addition, if the tone of the dress and shoes are in harmony, the legs will appear more slender.

Shoes can also be neutral colors - black, white or gray. But in this case, the outfit must have an accessory of the same color as the shoes, for example, a hair clip.

It is also possible that the dress has a neutral color. In this case, you can experiment with the color of the shoes. Always a winning option - a bright dress and flesh-colored shoes. But complementary colors in this ensemble should be avoided, as it is a bit conservative.

Emphasis should be placed either on shoes or on a dress. Also, do not forget that a bright dress will emphasize the figure, but bright shoes will emphasize the legs.

Shoes under the dress photo selection rules


Thirdly, the length of the dress matters. A long dress most often requires a high heel. In other cases, it is only important that the shoes complement the dress.


Fourth, when choosing shoes, you also need to consider the type of figure. For a short girl, shoes with thin heels, but not higher than eight centimeters, are suitable. Chubby girls should pay attention to shoes with thicker heels, but approximately the same height.

In no case should you underestimate the role of shoes in an outfit, because it can transform your image.

Here you will always find a wide range of shoes for women.

photo we select shoes according to the color of the dress

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