Shoe customization is a new trend that defines exclusivity and individuality

Shoe customization is a new trend that defines exclusivity and individuality

What is shoe customization?

With the advent of personalization in the fashion industry, the popularity of mass-market goods is gradually declining. The demand for custom is growing at a crazy pace. If you buy the same clothes with half of Kharkov, this is no longer pleasing, and it is not yet possible to spend unjustified funds on a limited collection of an expensive brand, then it is better to use customization.

Most people already know what the word "shoe customization" means.

Shoe customization is a new direction that deserves no less attention than brand releases, but mostly it is much more interesting and cheaper.

Why you should customize your shoes:

  • that's cool;
  • it is unique;
  • it's not expensive;
  • it is fashionable;
  • the ability to create your own style;
  • it is individual and exclusive.
Mikhail Skopp: "I was wildly delighted with what I learned, about the possibility of creating exactly the kind of sneakers you want."

How to customize your shoes:

  • lace up unusual laces;
  • additional inserts in laces;
  • new bright color insoles;
  • make a unique drawing;
  • apply personal inscriptions;
  • install reflective inserts or trims;
  • use additional accessories.
Customization is the tuning of shoes with paint and additional elements. True, this is a rather specific niche. The American market for customizing sneakers is more than 10 years old, and in Ukraine there are only a few

The cost and list of materials for customization with your own hands:

  • A set of special Angelus paints for leather will cost about UAH 200-900. ;
  • Gloves - 10 UAH ;
  • Brushes and sponges 50-150 UAH ;
  • Means for cleaning sneakers from dirt and dust 200 UAH ;
  • A special solution that needs to be treated with shoes for better paint application 75 hry. ;
  • Special tape or masking tape - 50 UAH. ;

Total: about 1000 UAH.

It all starts with cleaning and degreasing the surface of the shoe with a sponge. After that, paint is applied to the sneaker in 3-4 layers using brushes and an airbrush. After drying, the surface of the repainted sneaker is laminated with a matte or glossy varnish. Depending on the complexity of the design, work on one pair can take from one to three days.

Shoe dyeing process:

  1. Shoe cleaning;
  2. Pasting the shoes with masking tape;
  3. Preparation and stirring of paint;
  4. Painting;
  5. Reapplication of paint;
  6. The final stage - after 5 hours the dye is completely absorbed and the shoes will be ready for use.

How to care for your custom shoes

There are many stereotypes, but you can clean and wash your custom products! It is important to use gentle cleaning agents.

Decide on a custom sneaker and send us the results of all your creativity.

Feel free to ask questions in the comments - we'll be happy to help.

Sergei Boogie: "People do not want to walk even in very expensive, but identical shoes"

Our store customizes the purchased footwear only by prior order.

Ideas for customizing shoes:

  • for a gift (drawing the date or year of birth, name, surname, photo, nickname on social networks);
  • dedicated to an important date or event in life (a huge number of ideas in this direction);
  • public holiday (symbols, coat of arms, words)
  • for music lovers (the name of the group, the logo of the group, an excerpt of the chorus from the song)
  • for sports fans (a portrait of a favorite athlete, a sports club logo, sports equipment)
  • many examples and ideas at the bottom of this article.

How to order customization of shoes:

  1. order sneakers and other shoes of any model in our store;
  2. immediately order the customization of this shoe;
  3. leave contact information to discuss the layout, coloring and details;
  4. approval of preliminary design for approval;
  5. handmade using Angelus USA paint;
  6. acceptance of the work performed.

Shoe customization prices:

Light package (inscription or date) - 200 UAH;

All inclusive package (graffiti or portrait) - 500 UAH ;

Premium package (complete transformation of footwear) - 1000 UAH.

Terms: up to 10 days

Leave a request and we will make a calculation within an hour!

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