Shoes are a simple and essential piece of clothing. In many ways, everyday comfort depends precisely on the quality of everyday shoes or boots. After all, a familiar story, when you are in a hurry to buy shoes, you do not attach importance to the fact that it is pressing somewhere, and in the end you get corns and long-healing wounds. It is difficult to avoid this, but it is possible.

In Next Shoes store you can buy Polish shoes without any problems and within 1 minute. You will get reliable shoes, boots, boots and various summer footwear. The assortment includes models for men, women and children.

Why do we offer exactly shoes from Poland to buy

There are a lot of manufacturers of clothing and its various elements on the modern market. There are many brands from different countries that are popular. Quality shoes are made in Italy, Brazil and Turkey. Many Italian brands are recognized as the best, but they are too expensive and not always practical in everyday use.

Buy footwear made in Poland is the best solution. There are high-quality and proven manufacturers here, and the cost of the goods is not very high.

There are 4 main advantages:

1. All production is modernized and uses modern technologies. Accordingly, the risk of acquiring a marriage is practically zero. Your sole will not suddenly fall off at the most inopportune moment.

2. Materials for production are purchased from neighboring countries - Italy, Spain and others. The quality of the material itself is initially high, which guarantees an excellent final result. It is worth noting that you can buy environmentally friendly shoes in Poland. Since this country is famous for its products in this segment.

3. You can buy Polish footwear in Ukraine inexpensively. The secret is that these products are made from virtually the same material as from Italian brands. The difference is that Polish companies are less promoted and do not set the world's fashion. You just don't overpay for the brand.

4. Many online stores offer to buy shoes from Poland. This is a great option as you will not have to wait long for delivery, and the cost after all will not be high.

These are the main advantages that should be considered when deciding where to buy shoes in Kharkov. Of course, going to another country for one or more pairs of shoes does not make sense. Therefore, the best solution would be to buy Polish shoes in the Next Shoes online store.

What do we offer

You will find products from various manufacturers in our catalog. There is a wide selection of companies from various countries. But a particularly large assortment of goods is presented from Poland and Ukraine.

You will buy women's or men's shoes from us. We provide our customers with a wide range of winter, autumn, summer and spring footwear. Our catalog contains options for every taste. You will also find promotional offers. We also have regular sales.

How to buy shoes from Poland

You make a purchase directly on the website of the online store. The algorithm of actions is absolutely standard. First of all, you need to choose the appropriate option, add it to the cart. Then our representative will contact you and clarify all the details. After the payment and delivery of the goods is carried out.

We offer a variety of payment methods and make sure that the goods arrive safe and sound right at your door. Delivery is carried out not only in Kharkov, but throughout Ukraine. We work with several different courier companies. Delivery cost depends on the choice of the service itself and its conditions. We guarantee that you will receive your goods within 4 - 6 working days.

Should you buy shoes on the Internet?

Some fear that it is impossible to buy shoes online. Of course, there are enough stories about how a pair came in one size smaller or larger, or that the declared quality did not correspond to reality. Admittedly, unscrupulous sellers may not be honest. But our store provides you with a guarantee and the opportunity to return the goods in accordance with the legislative norms of Ukraine in case of any problems with it.

In the corresponding section, you can find out in more detail how the return and exchange of goods is carried out. If necessary, our specialist will advise you on any issue.

We offer you a reliable service with the ability to buy shoes from Poland. In the section “How to choose a size” you can find out how to calculate the size that suits you. To do this, you just need to measure the distance from the thumb to the heel. In the section there are tables according to which you can choose the appropriate size.

It has become even easier to buy shoes in Kharkov with our store. Next Shoes offers you modern service, favorable prices and reliability.